Sunday, May 30, 2010

Handbook for the Recently Deceased

My dog's are absolutely barkin' after yesterday's Zombie Walk through downtown Columbus!

I decided to go against the grain a little bit and wear my Miss Argentina costume. It's really hard to believe that I made that thing back in 2007. It took me about an hour to get into, with ample help from Ryo. I will say that doing the makeup is still a pain in the ass. . . I really need to work on mastering that set of skills. We met up with Pat at work, where he'd spent a good part of the day working on the layers of his zombie makeup. He did a great rushed job on Ryo and Carlos.

The walk was a lot longer than I had anticipated, but a really fun experience. I was a little nervous about wearing a non-zombie costume, but it was really well received and made my day.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

doodles and drawings

I draw just about every day - I find it very centering and a refreshing change from my normal creations. I'm not on any deadline, I'm not creating for someone else, I'm on my own and all of these very simple things make for a change that's quite energizing. It's ok if I mess up or they suck or are never completed - because they're not for anyone but me. They rarely see the light of day and I'm ok with that.

Group 7 Clearance

So. . . if you're a Tron fan, you should mosey on over to Flynnlives and get yourself one of these kick-ass badges.

There you can upload a photo, enter certain pertinent information and the fine folks over at Flynnlives will send you an awesome laminated Encom International i.d. badge to help you to infiltrate the greedy corporation's network.

The lanyard just makes it that more official-looking :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


I feel like I'm on a roll here - using up all of this stuff that I've had laying around for ages feels great! I've had these old brass zippers that I purchased in September of 2001. Now, the only reason I can recall such an inane detail is because this was the very first thrift store I went to when I moved to Columbus. Ah. . . memories.

I chose 2 white, 2 gray, 2 blue and 2 navy zippers and proceeded to cut off the stops at the ends. I removed the pulls and cut the zippers into various lengths. From here, I simply rolled them up into different sized circles and stitched them together. The lazy person in me wanted to stop halfway through and make this into a bracelet, but I persevered and came up with this little necklace.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shrug It Off

I had a seriously messed up nightmare the other evening. . . I dreamed that I was shot 3 times - once in the breast and twice in the stomach. I was working at a derelict factory with a close friend. We had just gotten off of work and were enjoying each others company as we exited the building. Our laughter attracted a gang of 4 men that seperated us and mocked our good moods and then shot me. I died in my friend's arms as the gang ran off, laughing to themselves and congratulating each other. I have never dreamed that I died, let alone being murdered.

I like to try and suss things like this out, but I'm stumped. I woke up with a pain in my stomach which may or may not have been imagined and I couldn't fall back asleep. My feeling of unease about the nightmare continued well into the next day. . . I thought that your brain simply couldn't handle you dying in a dream and that such a thing wasn't possible.

To help shake the mood, I did a bit of sewing. I'm able to lose myself in the finer details of construction and the little jacket I created did just the trick. I made myself a sunny little shrug of vintage fabric and buttons that I've had forever.