Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oregon - Thursday

I want to write all of this shit down before I forget and the memories get hazy or what not. . . this will be edited and made more smooth in the coming days, so just consider this a rough draft!

Ryo and I left Columbus in separate planes - her flight time was MUCH shorter than mine and I'll admit feeling a little twinge of jealousy at not getting to ride with her and get to PDX as soon as possible. We parted ways, and before long I was in Chicago for one of my first layovers. As I sat there in the terminal, in a sea of empty chairs I saw a man approach from the corner of my eye and sit down right next to me. This made me super nervous, as there were plenty of other seats to be had but here he is, practically sitting in my lap. I glance over, only to find that it's my friend Brandon who is making his way out to the Goonies Anniversary shindig as well! It was a great start to the trip and was really nice to see a friendly, familiar face.

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful - I slept fitfully throughout and when I touched down in Portland, I was sore as hell and hungry to boot. It's pretty bad when someone as short as me has trouble with the leg-room situation on a plane. Yeeesh!

I was met at baggage claim by Mikey and Ryo and while we waited for my baggage to show up, we talked about delicious food - it wasn't helping my hunger in the least and I fear that Chris, a Mancunian Goonie who we were also traveling with, thought that I was some deranged food addict that would stop at nothing to om nom nom her way through the city. Well. . . that's pretty much true. I won't lie.

From there, Mikey took us to a lovely restaurant (insert name here) and I had a healthy serving of mini corndogs and the best ever veggie burger. Seriously - so fucking tasty. From there, talk turned to Voodoo Doughnuts and we were all shown a very flattering video of a gentleman by the name of Rheiner who was sucking raspberry blood from a voodoo doll doughnut.

Now, while the doughnuts were absolutely fresh and amazing and fantastic - the taste soured a little in my mouth when Mikey thought it was a good idea to show us all "Puppetry of the Penis". I don't really think that I need to elaborate on that. It was so gross but I couldn't stop watching!
Packed up the car, headed back to PDX to meet up with the English Contingency. It was SO good to see everyone - even Merk who I'd just seen a few months back! Anyway him, Giuseppe, Red, Shaz, Jut and Angie (who isn't English, but still pretty awesome) were all in one place and it was great to see everyone. The twilight drive out to Cannon Beach was beautiful. Looking into the enchanted forest as it speeds by always leaves me with such striking feelings - At once, I understand and am mystified by it.

Once in Cannon Beach, we met up with the rest of the people that were staying in our house. Again, really lovely to see old faces and meet the new ones. Here's the part where I would say I cooked all of the weary travelers a wonderful meal to fill their bellies. . . but that would be a complete lie. All that was open was a small convenience store. I made a mess of some ramen noodles and am so, so ashamed.

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