Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Double Down

We made a pact to try this together - KFC is currently featuring a chicken sandwich called the "Double Down". The sandwich features 2 Original Recipe boneless chicken breasts (you can opt for grilled, but why bother?), 2 strips of bacon, 2 slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack "cheese" and is topped with a white, creamy substance that KFC refers to as "Colonel's Sauce".

Our original idea was to split one of these and eat nothing else the rest of the day, but we somehow came around to ordering one apiece AND having sides and drinks. Phew!!

It was freshly made and the initial bite was hot and juicy. The soft bacon was a bit lost among all of the other flavors, which was a shame. Maybe if it'd been crispy, it would have added to the texture and I would have noticed it a bit more. I was unable to distinguish between the pepper jack and the Monterey "cheese" - they kind of just blended together into a melty miasma which was highly processed (no surprise there) and not really cheese-like at all to me. As for the Colonel's Sauce - it was very salad dressing-like. . . almost like a peppercorn ranch that was all pepper and no ranch. I suspect this was added to the sandwich to help coat the throat and make the whole thing slide down your gullet without complications.

All of this being said, it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Certain improvements could be made - Pat and I both agreed that adding a honey mustard sauce in place of the Colonel's Sauce would be a step in the right direction. Perhaps adding a bit of crunch would help - I know the coleslaw that I put on a couple bites improved it for me.

It didn't sit in my stomach like a rock and didn't put me into a food coma - of course, I didn't feel like reading up on the nutritional information on it. . . I'm sure that would have had a worse effect on me than eating the sandwich.


  1. that cracks me up, nice challenge to take, but man, I've actually been hating on KFC over this idea, the fattening of America kinda you have me thinking outside the bun...

  2. I was just talking about this very sammich with Ms. Petrona earlier today. When I was in the States I really wanted to get one, but there's no KFC in her area.

    Canadian KFC gets its chicken from what you guys throw away. Yours is so much better than ours! Plus you have THOSE Double Downs. Makes me want to move all the more.

  3. dude...sick. love you both for trying it. wowza.

  4. It's good to think outside that bun, Harold-darling! But once is enough. . . and I would like to note that I went for an extra long walk after ingesting this! Gotta burn that shit off, yo!

    Sable - I find that statement SO difficult to believe. Canada is the only place that you will see me eat a Big Mac - the quality of beef is so much better than what we've got here in the states. Come visit and I'll buy you one and watch you eat it, cos I'll never have another!

    Secret Cupcakes - we're champions! :D