Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sundress and FloWalls in Cincy

Jessie and I rode together to catch the show at Northside Tavern - the only bar I've ever been in Cincinnati. All of the elements came together and it just made for a great evening. The music was good, Pat's pants were up to scratch, Taco Bell/KFC didn't fudge the order too badly, the friends were friendly, the dancing was fun and sweaty and there were smiles galore. I love seeing people smile so much!

After the Sundresses killer set, we all spent the night at Mackenzie's lovely home. . . It's nerdy to say, but I really felt as though I were in Middle Earth, staying at the Last Homely House. It was comfortable as hell and after getting a belly full of beer and homemade spaghetti chili, I slept like a fat little Hobbit.

Just a fantastic time, all around.

Please check out The Sundresses and Flotation Walls - some of the best music I've ever heard

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